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Rachmaninov_Concerto_N_2_C_Minor_Balakirev_ Islamey_Oriental_Fantasia_STS_15086_

Published 1969

Sergei Vasilyevich Rachmaninoff, Concerto Number 2 in C Minor For the Piano and Orchestra; and Balakirev, Islamey - Oriental Fantasia; the London Symphony Orchestra; STS 15086; 1969. Black Vinyl Record 12" diameter, weight 125.6 grams; Album cover 12 3/8" width by 12 3/8" height and weight 95.1 grams, and record sleeve 12" width by 12" height and weight 25.3 grams. This was a new record; the record cover was sealed with plastic. Image of record and label included; and record cover and sleeve. No Copyright notice and no copyright registration or renewal on file; Public Domain under rule 6 of the United States Copyright statutes. Digitized by Gerard Arthus and released into the Public Domain under the Creative Commons License. A FLAC file is included and no audio correction was done so as to gather as much of the information as possible in the recording. Audacity was used to create the recording; the settings were at highest quality and an Audacity Project file is included in a 7zip archive.
Go to the above site to find out more about the digitization of this item and the on-going attempt to help make 'Knowledge' and 'Information' available to everyone, anywhere, at any time, for no cost. There are many forces at work which are attempting to turn 'Public Domain' information into a commodity which some can milk for a profit. This parasitic use of information which should be freely available for all to access is an Intellectual Crime and should not be tolerated.
Hi-resolution images included.
Disclaimer Regarding the Digitization of this Item:
Music recordings fall in to a special category in copyright law. Before 15 February 1972, recordings of music did not and now do not have recognition or status under Federal Law; there was no copyright protection for recordings of music at the Federal Level. The protection of such so-called 'Intellectual Property' relied upon the Common Law and statutes which addressed their status only within each of the individual states.
Generally, in this environment, a violation occurred only when the reproduction of a musical recording was made for sale or profit. Many states have exempted educational or archival use as an exception to the protection of musical recordings as intellectual property.
Federal copyright could attach to sheet music, the package or record sleeve, and the record label; but not to the recording itself (before 15 February 1972.) In a great number of cases such copyright was either never registered, or if registered, was never renewed. Thus, the record sleeve and label on the record itself would fall under the same statutes governing books and other text-based creations.
Primary Purpose Behind the Creation of This Digital Copy:
The primary purpose behind the creation of the digital copies of both the music recording and other images for this item is the advancement of the public's knowledge and the dissemination of information regarding the musical cultural heritage which is represented by the initial creation of this item. The offering of the digital versions for the record sleeve, label, and musical recording of this item is strictly for educational and research purposes; and not for any commercial use.
The digital creation of this item; the record sleeve, label, and musical recording are released in to the Public Domain under the Creative Commons License (Non-attribution). The only restrictions on its use is regarding commercial use; it cannot be sold for profit or have any restrictive copyright placed upon its use.

Publisher Gerard Arthus
Year 1969
Language English
Book contributor Gerard Arthus
Collection arthusgerardrec


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